backyard Overhaul

A long time customer asked for my handyman services in cleaning up their overgrown backyard. So far it has entailed:

  • A massive clean up

  • Weeding & tree/shrub removal

  • Digging new garden beds

  • Securing wooden sleepers

  • Relaying brick path

  • Building small brick retaining walls

  • Filling in garden beds with new soil, and

  • Laying down weed mat and

  • Planting new shrubs etc

  • Top dressing the beds with stones/mulch

  • Pressure washing

  • Repair/clean sagging gutters

Living room transformation

This customer first contacted me to help them cut out their dated doorway arches, and very quickly they employed me to do much more. Since the initial handyman job, I have:

  • Squared out the arched doorways

  • Removed old carpet

  • Painted ceiling and walls

  • Removed old curtains & replaced

  • Replaced old outlets & switches

  • Lay new laminate flooring

  • Installed quarter round skirting

  • Wall mounted a TV

Minor Kitchen makeover

This client called me up and wanted my handyman help pulling up their old cork floor and replacing it with something budget friendly and modern. Once we discussed the project, he decided to hire me to:

  • Remove the old cork flooring

  • Install plywood subfloor

  • Seal plywood subfloor

  • Lay new vinyl tile flooring

  • Install quarter round skirting

  • Clean & paint ceiling & walls

  • Replace old fly screens

Organic garden Revamp

A long time client contacted me to help them landscape the backyard on their recently purchased 1960’s fixer upper. The project progressed organically, with the client providing the plans and input as we went along, with us:

  • Removing an old chicken coop

  • Turning chicken coop into patio

  • Removing decking walls

  • Reparing/leveling exsiting paving

  • Creating new garden beds

  • Replensishing garden soil with compost, manure, and topsoil

  • Building new pathways

  • Laying down gravel and flagstone sleepers

  • Filling in garden beds with new plants

  • Paving entrance to basement suite